Tempio C di Selinunte: 'Hand Made 3d Modelling for the Reconstructive Study'


F. Gabellone - CNR Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali, Lecce, Italy. 'Hand Made 3d Modelling for the Reconstructive Study of Temple C in Selinunte'.

This paper (http://eprints.jiia.it:8080/205/ ) illustrates the preliminary results of the virtual reconstruction of temple C in Selinunte. The reconstruction was undertaken as part of the Land-Lab Project launched by the University of Lecce in 2003 for the promotion and appropriate exploitation of the cultural, historic, artistic and archaeological heritage of two Italian regions, Puglia and Sicily, using advanced technologies. The reconstruction of temple C was launched with the help of numerous experts in the field of surveying and representation, as well as art historians, archaeologists and architects, following a fully multidisciplinary approach. The reconstructive study was conducted in a 3D environment mainly using NURBS modelling, Subdivision Surfaces and sub-polygonal displacement. Our reconstructive approach, which might be defined numerical, makes it possible to recompose, at least in the initial phases of the work, all the surveyed architectural elements in accordance with a procedure based on digital anastylosis. The reconstruction of the monument represents a contribution to the study of Doric architecture in southern Italy conducted with the help of modern technologies.


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